Power Socket Smiles

So far, the human race has spent the past few thousand years attempting to explain the phenomenons that happen all around us. Humans try to answer the what and why of life and the universe. In our hunt of the unknown, we accumulate knowledge and facts based on deductions and data. It is our primitive nature to understand what we interact with in order to best prepare ourselves for survival. Our ancestors, and ourselves included, participate in this perpetual chase of the unknown things of the world, and convert those unknown questions into a different category, the known.

There exist two categories for everything in all the universe, the known, and the unknown. You and I, we belong in the unknown, in the same category as all the alien races and all the questions like, “what happens when you go into a black hole?” Yes, you and me, we exist in the unknown, the elsewhere, and the mysterious. Between us lies 4000 miles of sea, land, and space; yet despite the overwhelming distance, I can feel my heart yearn for the space to close, to bring us closer together, to bring us closer to the realm of the known.

How I wish I had not been so naïve for so long, keeping us stationary in the dimensions of the world’s two categories. If only I had been brave, honest, and ruthless in my affection for you. For in all the ingredients of us, my affinity for you is the constant variable that keeps the hope alive, and what keeps us from complete separation. There’s something romantic about our situation; leaving us in the unknown allows our minds to roam in the possibilities of what would come if our hearts were brought together at last. Of course, our minds would not be discouraged by doubt and incompatibility, rather, in our imaginary worlds we coexist as a fantastic love only withered by infinite time. It is in the unknown that our imaginary love blossoms and memories of beautiful moments fill the void of empty Thursday nights and rainy Sunday mornings.

As much as I wish those thoughts that reside in the unknown could be actuated, it is only in the known in which our souls spark together and light the embers of affection and intimacy. To get from our imaginations to the physical world, we must take a leap, and bring ourselves together in a presentation of our most vulnerable selves. Only then can I look into your eyes at 8:23 in the morning and feel the completeness of having my greatest love exist in the known universe, where we will romp as finite beings in an infinite world.

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