Sugar, Sugar

I can’t afford fancy jewelry or rings,
But I can pay with words and their infinite things,
As a way to lay down my debt to you,
For coming into my life though the hilly avenues.

And ever since you’ve been my favorite addiction.
Getting high off each other with no restrictions,
Only more and more until we pass out in Nirvana,
And wake up in some lunar umbra.

Let me lay down another line,
For you this one will be extra fine.
Take it like you were suicidal,
And our hearts will dance in a ballet utopia recital.

Sugar, you’ve got me in your eclipse.
I feel you everywhere like the powder under my lips.
Like the burn in my lungs
From the taste of your tongue.

When I lean back I can see your air molecules dance
Like the setting sun and two lovers’ last glance.

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