Clearly Complex

Ever since you came into my world, my life has ceased simplicity. Nearly all facets of every day living has become a complex issue that I must think about doing. No task, large or small, can be done without your imaginary voice talking me through it in the back of my mind. No act of sleep can be endured without you being the last thing I think about before I succomb to slumber, and hence more I find you again in my dreams, invariably.

Even in your absence I find life extraordinaroly complicated. The most absurd thoughts creep into my mind, the same mind in which your memories occupy and spread. You’ve become a cancer of the mind and heart, a complete domination of what was there before, and every cell that was there before you, now shares my admiration and praise for your hand.

After you came into my life, I realized how black and white my life was before. And ever since you left, I realized just how colorful you made the world. My life was simple, bland, and easy, before us happened. And it is the simple, bland, and easy days now, that remind me how much I loved living in our complicated life. The fact of the matter is everything before and after you felt, and feels, facetious, fictitious, and fake. If I had to say one thing, it was that I loved the way you made my life complex, I loved the way you made me real.

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