Excerpt from “Aiden Kane and the Towering Tower”

Aiden had never imagined himself in this situation; in all his visions of himself and his life, the image of him and this fantastic woman never emerged as a speck in his wildest dreams. She walked to him, slowly, seductively. Her hips swung in the light mood that filled the room and the space between the two. Aiden noticed how she moved, and intrinsically he felt an extreme adhesion to her. He knew that if he kissed this woman, that he would never be the same, that that moment would forever change him. Her kiss would alter him in a way that no number, status, or legal tender ever could. Deep inside he felt something new, something so inert and serene that his heartbeat sweltered in the coziness of her room. All the words that Aiden had learned seemed to have disappeared from his vocabulary. His list was empty, and his hands started to shake. Here, for the man who summited the mountain, slayed the dragon without so much as a drop of fear or sweat, this would be his greatest challenge.

Aiden, for the first time on his quest, felt fear. The fear of a beautiful woman that gets to the best of men. No matter the swagger of a man, the experience he possesses, or tidings and finances he bears, a woman with true beauty should rightfully scare him; any man who does not feel that fear is either a fool, or as they say, “donkey brained.” The fear comes from the all too certain fact that he is entirely vulnerable to her and her whim. Her beauty does not strictly come from an exo-attraction, but a certain quality from within makes itself known. A truly beautiful woman, such as the one standing in front of Aiden, radiates her purity and loveliness through the eyes. Within her mind and heart there exist kindness, wisdom, and sincerity beyond that of all men, and those qualities surface their way into a man’s heart when he looks her in the eyes. In Aiden’s case, he looked through two hazel doors into Elysium and Nirvana. He was scared beyond all hope, and bravery could only do so much for him in that moment.

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