Body Language

You and me,
A starlight and a cosmic star fight
Our bodies orbit habitually
Until my arms harness your waist tightly.

Back and forth our bodies go
Oh baby girl I need you to know.
You and me we’re making poetry
Between your hips and inside your lips
I rise with the curtain and crash until it’s certain
That you’re perfectly sore then we’ll go a little more.

Darling let’s do it again,
Night after night let’s do our horizontal slow dance
Until the morning star pushes back the moon.
I’ll whisper secrets to southern lips
And listen to the music your body’s vibrations play.

You’ve no idea the effect that stays with me.
Your taste adheres to my mind
Like smoke on wrinkled clothes.

We can make the most beautiful poem the world has ever heard,
And we can do it without a single word.

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