Stars and Squirrels

I live in a house,
A really high tree house.
My family, friends, and everyone
Helped me draw up and build one.

I can see everything up here.
It’s high, and the world looks clear.
I live in my tree house all day every day,
But it’s got books, and I gaze to pass the time away.

I can see Mrs. Wilkins walking her pets,
Down the street, taking four lefts.
I see my friends, fucking around, down below.
I call to them, saying “hi,” “hello.”

I see it all from the sky,
The things I love always seem to pass by.
Even the things I hate I see;
One day even the news came to congratulate me.

At night I lay and sleep amongst the trees
I hear the stars and squirrel’s pitter patter,
But whenever I think I might want to leave,
I am reminded that I misplaced the ladder.

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