Prom Poem

Roses are red
Like the tips of your lips;
The ones I just can’t seem to resist.

If you had a craving for airheads or a little black flower,
Hand me a note, and then give me an hour.
I’ll get you a shining sea full of blue raspberry
With tulips, in the hope of meeting yours again.

I might not say it every day,
But baby, you’re beautiful in a million ways.
Don’t be alarmed if you catch me staring;
My heart’s a show and for only you it’s airing.

You got me loving those dimples.
Baby with you it’s all so simple.
My hand’s on my chin this ain’t no lie!
It’s your touch, your eyes, the way you smile—I can’t say goodbye!

Finding these words, you got me searching,
But it’s those desperate 7 that seem to be lurking.
Those bright 7 words run around my head.
It took me a while but here’s what I should’ve said…

Will you go to prom with…me?

I know it’s a chance but it just may be,
You found me underneath the lime tree.

You don’t ask for favors,
You don’t ask for pearls,
So I wrote you this poem, you wonderful girl.

You don’t have to think about it, don’t make me guess!
Make this like the movies and Just. Say. Yes.

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