Rustic Love

This summer was so hot and humid,
But when you came,
Things became cool and fresh.
So cool and fresh.

Let’s take it slow.
Let’s take it fast.
Whatever you want.

I sat, waiting.
Always waiting.
Always so hot and humid.
Things were never so cool,
Until you wrapped your hands around me.
Steering me in the right direction.

Where would I go without you?
How would I speak,
If you didn’t turn the radio on,
And let the sunshine throw glitter?

Turn me on;
Turn me off.
And I’ll wait outside your home,
Until it’s you and me alone,
And I wrap you up tighter,
Never letting you fly.

Baby fix me.
I want to love you,
Hold you,
And burn you.
Lead me to your summer’s end.
Don’t hit that brake.
Not on this,
When it’s so cool and fresh.
I’ll open the sunroof above,
For our summer of rustic love.

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