Space Jam

You give me that soft pulse,
Where my heart beats easy.
Fast, but easy.
And you always run so cool,
While I always lay a little hot,
So you ask me to keep my warm body next to you.

I like you so much that it makes me sad,
You don’t know me,
But I love being sad.
It’s one thing I’m good at.

Blonde hair in the morning light,
Baby you fixed this broken man’s sight.
If it was just a one-night stand,
Then why’d you have to hold my hand?

Drunk alone us standing on the corner,
Head on my shoulder and I knew,
That this, this was something new.
Party in the room but all I saw was you.

Whisk me away,
My Graham cracker and frosting baby.
If I try to remember what happened last week,
I can still feel your tongue in my cheek,
While supercut plays in my mind’s review,
Already, you’re the one that I miss.
If only…
If only…
I could surrender myself to you,
Before you leave and take my heart with.

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