New Ton

The two-ton man sat waiting idly by,
While the walkers walked without batting an eye.
There he sat slow and steady,
Waiting for his two-ton son to finally get ready.
He sat without a care,
Breathing in that judgmental suburban air.

He sat away from the cars,
He sat because he couldn’t walk very far.
When the school bell rings,
His two-ton son the skinny teacher brings.

“He’s too fat.” She scolded and screamed,
While the son casually ate some cold ice cream.
Water began to form inside the son’s eyes,
So the two-ton man drove him to get dry.

“No matter what, my two-ton son,
Your two-ton pop loves you a ton.”
“I know.”
Soon the two-ton son had a smile come into view,
Though he kept his words to two.
The two-ton son loved his two-ton dad a ton too.

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