You’re the definite integral.
I’m definitely into it girl.
I fall in love with you asymptotically;
I’ll smack your ass emphatically.
When you’re on top
And I’m on bottom,
I feel like L’Hôpital
You give it your all,
And take me
All the way
To infinity.

Let’s keep it to two
I mean me and you.
Let’s try to keep it orderly
Give it to me orally
I know you wanna see my Euler’s D.

Derive my function of desire
Baby it’s only going higher
You’re anything but ordinary,
But equally as cute.
Baby I’d do anything with you.

I feel like I’m already halfway,
But I know I’ll never get there anyway.
Like dark matter,
I know I’ll never see you
Look at Schrodinger’s wife’s pitter patter,
She was always true,
But also knot.

Let’s sequence our hearts together,
And see if they converge,
And this is more than just an urge.
Let’s take a math class together,
So I can be your hero,
And we can have some fun.
You’re my everything to the zero,
Because baby, you’re my only one.

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