I Flew Across The World

I know you had it bad.
I know I was the one to blame,
And not a day goes past,
I wouldn’t carry that pain I caused that day.

I know that cut in your heart,
That deep one left you raw,
But because we were apart
You never saw
The crying for hours,
Or the crying in the shower.

And since the day that we separated,
I’ve never been more medicated,
By pills from the drawer,
I’m rich but I’m feeling poor
It’s like I’m even more obsessed,
And my mistakes I just can’t seem to forget.

And now this girl in my bed
Has got me feeling so blue
I’m just trying to make new memories,
To replace the ones of you.

So even though you had it bad,
Even though I left a gap,
Just don’t forget
My heart doesn’t beat,
But when it does
It beats for you.

And those tears,
Those damn tears.
I feel them too.

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