i wrote a letter to my 5 years-ago self


Suh dude? You’ll fuckin know what that means later dude. haha it’s me, you’re in college now, life sucks ass cuz your poor and everything cost money. Save everything you get for your birthdays from now on. How’s the future you ask? It sucks bad too, our president is a man-child, this dude Logan Paul is being called a dick by everyone in America. Brad and anjelina Jolie break up. Han Solo dies, your girlfriend is about to go psycho on you and your dick never gets bigger than it already is. People are starting to eat Tide pods and in about 4 years your gonna want to start eating them too.

You fall in love and it ends up breaking your heart, but it was all worth it. You’ll write a book about it and make things worse, but you’re gonna write a second one to try to make it better. You’ll meet new people at home and abroad (wink wink) that you’ll never forget, and you’ll see places that will take your breath away. You’ll lose someone very close to you, it’ll be shocking at first and then it’ll be fine. But one day it’ll hit you harder than anything, and then things don’t seem to make sense anymore. Things will seem dark and not worth it, but deep down you know they will turn up. Deep down you know there are people who love you, even if they don’t show it. Then things will get better, and you’ll start to see the beauty in life again, and why it’ll always be worth it. The girl? You’ll still love her, but you’ll learn to live without her. You’ll start to love another girl, but right now we don’t know where that’s going, but it’s going.

You don’t become smart, rich, or famous, but you’ll be you, and that’s all you and I have ever wanted. You have much to learn my friend, you have a lot of sleepless nights to go through, but a lot more mornings where you’ll feel nothing but love for the world. Try to stop masturbating so much, keep making friends with the rich kids, and also bet on the 2017 cavaliers winning the championship, and the Cubs winning the WS in 2016 down 3-1.


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