Radium Girl

My Radium Girl
You painted me with your love,
Dipped me,
Kissed me,
And painted me again.

You helped me see,
The light
When things were dark.
Steered me strait,
And all for what?
My toxic touch?

How could you know
That I had seeped through,
That my glow was temporary,
But the effect was lethal.

The truth is,
I knew the whole time,
But I loved your touch
Too much.
At times,
I forgot what I was,
Because you made me
Feel brand new.

I wish I didn’t hurt
I wish it wasn’t you.
But now look at you,
Flying high.
And look at me,
Dying high.

Oh, my precious,
Radium Girl.
I’m so sorry.
Everyone else take note,
That anyone who gets too close,
Those nips, kisses, and cuddles,
Will only turn
To rips, wishes, and struggles.

Radium Girl,
Tell me.
How I can I live
Alone with this bed
Failing to forgive
Myself for your death?

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