Garden Rain

I made my mark
Pen to paper
An idea to start
Until the lights go dark.

Each line,
Every curl, edge, and etch
Was made for


I moved the world,
One word at a time,
In vein of


I pushed
the limits of my mind
to find your heart.


It’s not your fault,
rather it’s mine,
Within this mind
I fought for you,
But with nothing
To fight for…

or with.

Within this mind,
There is hindsight,
Saying let it be
And leave her be.
Saying let it go,
and regain control.
Love me,
So I can love you
The way I should


How could we grow old
When I’m still growing
into your man.

Are you with me?
Or are we just together?
We’re all just information,
And that is that.
But in the end,


I hope you know,
How much I loved
The idea of us

Growing old.

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