I don’t know what you’re doing,
But I know that you’re hurt.
Baby lend yourself to me,
And I’ll be a flirt.

Spend your nights with me,
And not at the bar
I just want to show you
How beautiful you are.

I can see the sunrise,
In your green eyes.
This isn’t the norm,
But you make me feel so warm.

Walk with me, tomorrow.
Let’s go to the museum,
The one I curated,
But you,
You are the audience,
The attractions,
And the art.

You deserved to be displayed,
To be known,
To be praised,
And to never feel alone.

I see who you are,
I see how you feel.
Every day I write us art,
The feelings are real.

I lay myself out to you,
Like a heart-ache art show
If you loved me,
You’d let me know.
If you wanted me,
It wouldn’t be so easy,
To let me go.

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