I’m not very tall.
I’m not really tall at all,
But I’m definitely not small.
You see, I have big heart,
Some of the things I like are poetry science comic book movies and art
But most of all
I think I might like you.
Or even love you.
It’s kind of hard to tell
Because the thought of you makes my heart swell
And grow but I’ve got no way to show
That these feelings are real
So I’ll keep reeling what I feel
But I need you to stay.
Please please Don’t walk away,
Because you make me feel alright,
When I look to me right
And see that you left
You left so unaware
that I might actually care
And to be honest I think that makes you scared.

You see,
When I think of you
I think of your warm soft hands
and tracing my finger up and down your arm
Like I’m trespassing on holy land
But I promise I’m not armed
With kisses and tricks
Only best wishes and cute pics.
I know that you’ll never turn your back
But still give a cold shoulder,
But I don’t mind that
because I love kissing your back
And your belly,
And how when you wear black
I make all the other guys jelly!

So no,
I don’t want you to do anything
Don’t do anything except talk
Because I just love to listen,
And every Monday let’s go for a walk
So I can see the sun and your green eyes glisten.
Let’s watch the sunrise and sunset
Because being with you makes my heart beat fast
But I know it’s at rest
Because being with you is the absolute best.

I always feel alright.
I know I’m a little uptight
I like to laugh but sometimes I cry
And I know a guy crying isn’t cool
But there’s no such thing as masculine emotion school

I know I have issues
And I know you do too,
No, I won’t try to fix you,
Because I like you how you are
All the flowers, freckles and scars.
And I don’t ever want you to change
Except physically of course
Because it’s inevitable to age
Your boobs will sag
And my cognitive abilities will lag
Your hair will get short
Like those moms who yell at waiters for not being able to control the music volume or station when it’s not their fault and then don’t talk on the car ride home when I take the side of the watier.
But that’s okay because it’s just some hair
And after that it’ll turn whispy and float in the air.
my gut will get bigger
And alcohol might be the trigger
But it could be the cake from our wedding night
I don’t know but none of that matters
You and I can just have a bite
Because life is a cake
So baby let’s be the batter
You have the eggs
And I have the powder.

When you walk away I hope there’s just one thing you learn.
I just wanted to show you how beautiful I thought you were
I wanted write you a song to show how I felt
Something to make you “ooh” “ah” and melt.

I know I won’t last very long,
Probably the length of your third favorite song
But I’m pretty good with my hands
And I’m also good with clues
And speaking of which here’s one for you…

hi, I’m brad
And I think you have the cutest smile I’ve ever seen.
Please tell me these feelings are real.
Or is this all just a dream?


Am I just scared because I’m afraid to be alone,
Although I’m getting used to the thought
Except late at night,
So maybe I’m not.

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