high on u

My love.
My heart.
My everything.

Do you see how much you mean to me?
An extension of myself,

Reaching further in than my arms ever could.
Oh honey baby,
My blonde narcotic.
My brown-eyed sweetheart.
I wish I could tell you how I feel.
How I really FEEL.
The thoughts that run to me when I see you.
I just want to tell you my affections,
The feelings I feel in my reflections.

Baby you’re it for me.
You hot mess
and your ice colds.
Your hard liver
and your soft lungs.

Let’s just get high and stay in bed again.

I just need you next to me
Oh if I could I’d go back
Back and start it all again
Back to where it all began
With your head on my shoulder so I could tell
How much I meant to you
Even if it was just for a night.

Those feelings I could never forget:
The bliss of kissing you on the neck
The sorrow of leaving you the day after next.

My atomic love
My bourbon heart
My spinning record and sitting shepherd.
I just wish I said what I should’ve
And most of all, let love, love.

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